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AFG BIZ RESOURCES was founded in 2018 is a wholly owned subsidiary of  Alsyifaa Holdings Sdn Bhd (formerly known as D'Ansara Pharmashoppe & Healthcare Sdn Bhd). AFG Biz Resources focusing in providing the best consultancy and training for new or existing community pharmacy business. This company incorporated with Bumiputera-majority participation and we are enlightened to serve our clients with our group of professional trainers and mentors, specializes in community pharmacy business.


To ensure our credibility as a reliable consultancy company which provide mentoring and coaching programme for the community pharmacy business, we develop a series of comprehensive training modules which would be an effective syllabus for staff training and business owner.


AFG Biz Resources aspire to be a reputable and credible consultancy firm that provides professional guidance and business solution for community pharmacy business in Malaysia.


  • Benefit our clients with uncompromised consultancy and professional guidance

  • Continuously strives to provide our clients with innovative and creative business solution

  • Maintain long term strategic partnership

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